Why you get severe dental pain

There can be various reasons for dental pain like decayed tooth, Tooth abscess, Tooth fracture, Micro-leakage through damaged filling, infected gums, ill-fitting denture, some tumour, cyst or some neurological problem. Dental pain, whether sharp, shooting, throbbing or dull, but has been considered to be of worst kind. Despite of medication it can hamper your ability to work, concentrate or even sleep. Referred pain in whole oro-facial region is one of its most horrible parts.

Pain of dental origin can be too severe because of the anatomy of tooth. Basically tooth is a confined structure containing nerve fivers and blood vessels. Any inflammation either due to trauma or infection inside tooth increases the vascular pressure inside tooth many a fold causing such severe shooting pain.

Sometimes the major problems that lead to severe dental pain are tooth decay, crack in the tooth, or a lost filling. A chipped tooth, gum diseases, or gingivitis can also lead to gnawing dental pain. This infection can easily spread from roots to the bones which are supporting the teeth. Infection in tooth can lead to destruction of bone, cyst formation, space infection etc. If ignored such infection can be life threatening.


• Sharp or gnawing Pain while chewing food.

• Mild fever is common in such conditions.

• Sensitivity due to hot and cold water is also observable in these conditions.

• Foul smell during breathing.

• Neck glands also become swollen in severe cases.

• Malaise, discomfort, uneasiness can be there. Persistent pain in the jaw and head can be felt.

• Swelling and redness of the gums.

A dental surgeon generally probes the patient's teeth with a special dental instrument for the examination. If there is an infection in the teeth, you might feel mild pain or major depending on the extent of severity. The dental surgeon does a visual inspection and diagnostic evaluation before the treatment of teeth.

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Root canal treatment

Earlier most of the times infection of tooth lead to extraction of affected tooth. Antibacterial medicines are not able to treat such infections because of they fail to attain desired concentration inside pulpal tissue. In recent years Root canal treatment has been a treatment modality to save teeth when infection has reached the pulp of teeth.

In root canal treatment an access cavity to the pulp chamber is established and pulp chamber and root canals are meticulously prepared according to bio-mechanical preparation guidelines. All the connective tissue, blood vessels and nerve tissue is removed from root canals. More than one visit may be required to obtain pristine pulp chamber and canals. Number of visits depends on the severity of infection. After preparation of canals a biocompatible material (as per requirement) is filled inside.

A crown is generally required to strengthen the root canal treated tooth. Type of crown can be decided as per the requirement.

You do not need to panic whenever your dentist prescribes for a root canal treatment for a damaged and diseased tooth. This technique is widely accepted all over the world and helps in relieving decayed tooth to make them healthy again.

Various advantages of root canal treatment:

• With the help of root canal treatment, you can increase life of a natural tooth.

• A person can achieve normal proprioception (sensation) and biting force.

• It helps in retaining the natural teeth instead of prosthesis.

• In addition to this, it also removes the foci of infection by treating infected tooth.

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