General and routine dental care

Proper oral hygiene and healthy oral cavity are one of the most crucial factors that affect the health of a human being. Oral and dental care is very important to one's health as proper oral health prevent various systemic diseases. A healthy oral condition helps to avoid not only tooth loss, tooth pain, etc but also helps to eat well and stay fit. When people don't take care of their teeth, it basically leads to pain and other dental problems which may require special attention. Dental pain generally occurs due to the infection in either tooth or gums which further leads to tooth decay.

Tooth loss, tooth decay, toothache, bad breath, bleeding gums, mal-aligned teeth, inability to chew, improper speech and cosmetic problems affecting quality of life are the most common problems that one can face if he/she doesn’t take general and routine dental care. In elderly people neglected oral health can cause indigestion, pain in joints of jaw etc leading to poor overall health.

Importance of routine dental check-up:
A dentist usually check-up for the status of dentition, condition of gums, tooth decay, and other health problems while examining your oral cavity. Some time investigation tools like IOPA x-ray, OPG, CBCT, blood and other biochemical tests etc are used to diagnose a case.

During routine check up feel free to talk to your dentist regarding your problems in detail. If a dentist finds a particular problem, they recommend few steps and medications to fix them. Thus, routine check-up is very important if you want to save your teeth and have good health.

Proper dental care:
As gums and teeth problems are prevalent in society, there is a great need for proper oral and dental care. Routine dental check up is essential as it can decide the course of treatment. A small dental and oral problem of today which can be managed by preventive care can become a large problem of tomorrow warranting even some invasive procedures.

Routine dental check up should start as early as 6-7 years of age in child as some of the diseases like some jaw bone deformity can only be treated at this age. During pregnancy it can prevent major problems like premature and low birth weight babies.

Everyone should have dental check up every 3-6 months. It can certainly reduce morbidity and improve quality of life.

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