Denture, Crown, and Bridges

The denture is a widely used prosthetic appliance by the dental surgeons to fix the teeth of patients with a removable plate for holding one or more artificial teeth. Crowns and Bridges are fixed devices that they put over the existing teeth by a Prosthodontist. They generally use this technique to overcome the dental problems due to cavities, accidentals, and various teeth disorders. Covering teeth with a dental crown can help in restoring the shape, strength, size, and appearance of teeth. A dental bridge provides complete dental restoration for the missing tooth. In this procedure, they place a permanent tooth to the adjacent teeth.

Major benefits of Bridges and Crowns:

• They help in the strengthening of the teeth and make them stronger.

• Improves the alignment of teeth and dental occlusion.

• Helps in filling the gap between teeth to improve their appearance.

• Gaps can result in the shifting of other teeth and these techniques can help in avoiding these dental problems.

• Also, helps in restoring the look of your smile.

• They act as a protective shield by preventing the tooth from further decay.

• Crowns are quite stable and do not irritate the gums.

Working of crowns and bridges:

If you are missing one or more teeth, then the dental surgeons recommend bridges for the patients. They help in eliminating the risk of any gum related diseases. Before the procedure, the size of the tooth is decreased so that crown may cover it properly. With the help of these dental procedures, you can avail many benefits.

• Helps in replacing a large gap when a tooth is missing.

• It also protects a weak tooth from getting fractured.

• Also, helps in restoring a fractured tooth.

• Covers a dental teeth implant.

• Helps in restoring poor shaped and discolored teeth.

Tooth loss and its consequences on quality of life

Tooth loss has a great impact on the quality of life because it may cause various dental disorders which can be very harmful. To avoid these major health issues, one should take care of his/her teeth with proper dental treatment measures. The number of the missed tooth and their location can have a negative impact on health-related quality of life. Distribution and location of teeth play an important role in the dental health. Eating sugary food, sticky materials, and unhygienic food can cause these dental problems. Whenever you face any problem related to teeth, it is advisable to contact the best dental surgeon to avoid such problems.

Tooth loss:

It is a process when one or more tooth falls from the mouth. This usually happens due to the weakness of teeth and unhygienic oral health. The tooth decay can widely affect oral health leading to various gum diseases. Plaque built over the teeth can also result in cavities which further eat up the enamel. This can have a great impact on the quality of life in several ways.

Consequences on quality of life:

Chronic dental diseases such as dental caries are highly observable in elder patients which are affecting their quality of life. Tooth loss in common in people of old age and they require proper oral health care to avoid such problems. Loss of teeth in young generation is not acceptable as it lowers one’s self-confidence. It is important to take proper prevention measures to avoid these dental problems to retain the quality of life. In severe cases, one should consult a dental surgeon for proper medication and treatment measures.