Dental Implant

Dental implants are special frames or metal posts that the dental surgeons place into the jawbone beneath the gums of the patient. These implants provide a stable support for the artificial teeth and help in chewing. Dentures and bridges can be easily fixed to these and they won't slip in your mouth. It provides a great flexibility for the patient. You won't face any problem in speaking and eating in such cases. Crowns placed over these artificial teeth also remains in contact. You will feel more natural than those conventional dentures or bridges.

Need for dental implants:

For most of the people, the ordinary dentures are not comfortable because of their tendency to pop out from mouth, sore spots, or gagging. No adjacent needs to be prepared in case of an implant which is the biggest advantage of choosing this treatment for a dental procedure comparing to bridge. You need to have adequate bone and healthy gums for supporting the implant. You should always take care of these gums to keep your implant healthy. Proper oral hygiene and regular visit for dental medication can help in achieving long-term results. Implants may be the costly replacement for the teeth, but it is the most advisable dental treatments for the patient to recover missing teeth.

Implants are now a day’s most common dental procedures for the treatment of missing teeth. They can be surgically implanted under the supervision of a perfect dental surgeon. After the proper healing of gums, the frame or screw gets fixed with the jawbone. Later teeth can attach with these screws to make them function like natural teeth or tooth. The success and longevity of these implants depend on proper oral hygiene. It is advisable to take proper care of teeth after a dental implant for better results.

Dental implants: When and Why

A dental implant is a great option for the people with missing teeth. Millions of people suffer teeth loss which has become a major issue of concern. Teeth loss occurs due to tooth decay, injury, or periodontal diseases which can be very harmful to teeth. Before few years, only dentures and bridges were available for the treatment of missing teeth. Nowadays, dental implants are available for better and long-term treatment. They are a replacement for the tooth roots which is the best way to fix these problems. Dental implants provide a strong foundation for the missing tooth.

When to go for dental implants:

Anyone suffering from tooth loss can have these dental implants which can help him/her in chewing. It can also help in the beautification of one's smile. You don't have to wear ugly dentures for your teeth when you have dental implants as an option on your list. Dental implants are a great hope for the persons with missing teeth. It is advisable to consult an experienced dental surgeon for implementing this procedure.

Why dental implants:

These dental implants look quite natural just as the original teeth. They are the near permanent replacement for the missing teeth. There is minimal risk like any other minor surgery in this procedure. Do not think twice before going for dental implants for better results.

Why dental implants need comprehensive planning

Dental implants are prosthetic parts which are drilled inside bone (in vivo) unlike other dental prosthesis. They are made of titanium alloy which is biocompatible and are able to bond to the surrounding bone. The whole procedure is technique sensitive and requires meticulous examination of the area receiving implant. Not only it requires a dentist who is specialized (Implantologist) but it also requires a right patient who fulfils prerequisite criteria for a successful treatment.

Who is a right candidate?

Ideal candidate is one who maintains proper oral hygiene, have adequate height and width of bone to support the implant. Quality of bone present in the area is equally important. Various systemic diseases and state of surrounding structure need to be checked. There are many such things which need to be considered during the procedure.

Proper planning before dental implants:

Being an invasive procedure the dentist need to have an immaculate treatment planning prepared beforehand which warrants right expertise from the dentist.

In many a cases there is need for complex surgical procedures like immediate implanting, sinus lift, ridge augmentation, nerve repositioning, bone grafting etc.

Fabrication of implant supported prosthesis is equally punctilious as it is equally important for the success of treatment.

All these complexity of treatment is the reason why a comprehensive treatment by a experienced team of doctors is indispensable.

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